Set up parallel test execution with multiple build agents on BuildWise

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Importance of Parallel Test Execution

This is the gem of BuildWise, by distributing tests to multiple build machines has great benefits:

  1. Save test execution time
  2. Quicker feedback, BuildWise has built-in intelligently run most recent failed tests first
  3. Increase test reliability, false alarm is a big issue on automated UI testing. BuildWise has a retry feature - retry failed test on another build machine, greatly enhance test execution reliability
  4. May use for load testing. Morden web applications using AngularJS alike is almost impossible to load testing, by employing build agent is a practical approach - reuse functional testing

VM software

You can download VM images at Microsoft Edge

Update C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Example:   buildwise.server

Please note: sometimes you might not be able to edit the hosts file directly. One workaround is to copy hosts file to another location, e.g. Desktop, edit and copy back.

BuildWise Agent

BuildWise Agent can be download at BuildWise Agent free version runs for an hour, the paid licence is subscrption model, less than $20 a month.  BuildWise Sever is free and open-source, get it at Practical Web Test Automation book site (requires Leanpub invoice no for login)